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WiAHC is a membership association that will represent home health care agencies and their staff.  Our success depends on the participation and support of you and all our colleagues around the state. We need a strong and active association to help represent our interests, support continuing education and demonstrate our commitment to quality care. 

Get involved today to help WiAHC provide leadership for home health care in Wisconsin. The following describes a variety of opportunities for involvement. The options range in time and scope to best match your interests and time availability.

Join a Group

Group participation offers members of WiAHC an opportunity to contribute to the work of the organization while interacting with fellow members who share common interests. Involvement on a group is a great way for members to network, share ideas and further WiAHC's initiatives. 

Billing Committee

WiAHC Agency Members can use this group to learn about the latest news and events specific to Billing. You can access the listserve through this group page as well. 

Committee Chair: Vicki Meyer

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Education Committee

Members of the Education Committee plan, organize and execute the annual conference and webinar series. Committee members work to choose speakers, arrange facilities, prepare meeting notices for mailing, host and introduce speakers, and process meeting evaluations.

Committee Chair: Lisa White

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Legislative Committee

Advocacy has become a vital part of the strength and quality of Home Health Care. The Legislative Committee will be actively supporting your vision for home health care in Wisconsin and beyond. We will work to understand what is important to Home Health Care agencies and workers across the state, then move to effect change through education, outreach, and lobbying. To support and promote home health care, consider joining or let us know if you have input as to how this committee can best serve its membership. 

Committee Chair: Coleen Schmidt  

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Membership Committee

WiAHC success depends on the participation and support of you and all our colleagues around the state. A strong membership and active participation means we can better represent the interests, advocacy and continuing education of Home Health Care employees. Membership Committee Members will work to ensure strong participation of Home Health Agencies and its members.

Committee Chair: Bobbi Schmidt 

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Serve on the Board

WiAHC is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board members are elected annually to staggered three-year terms. Nominations are accepted throughout the year. Board members develop and manage the affairs of the Association and are supported by Committee Chairs and staff. Positions include Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and Regional and At-Large Representatives.  

Click here to serve on the Board or Nominate a Colleague 

Other Opportunities

There are also a number of other ways to get involved throughout the year.

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