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Wisconsin EVV Trainings Offered

August 24, 2020 8:41 AM | WiAHC Office (Administrator)

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) training is being offered for personal care provider agencies, supportive home care agencies, and program payers. The intended audience for these trainings is provider agency and program payer administrative staff. The goal is for these staff to be trained on EVV so that they in turn can train other agency staff, including workers. DHS will provide an EVV system free of charge. However, provider agencies may choose to purchase an alternate system that meets DHS requirements. DHS will offer EVV-system trainings for administrative staff, specific to the EVV system being used:

  • DHS EVV training (for the Sandata system provided by DHS) will include general EVV functionality, Sandata technology, and Wisconsin-specific information.
  • Sandata Aggregator training (for EVV systems not provided by DHS) will cover Sandata’s aggregator, the technology that integrates information from alternate or third-party EVV systems with the DHS EVV solution.

The trainings are offered to assist with agency compliance before DHS’ scheduled implementation of the electronic visit verification (EVV) on November 2.  EVV will be required for Medicaid-covered personal care and supportive home care services that include personal care. EVV uses technology to verify that billed services were provided. Refer to the July 2020 ForwardHealth Update (2020-31), titled “Implementation of Electronic Visit Verification for Personal Care and Supportive Home Care Services,” for detailed information on EVV policy, technology, and validation. 

Additional information is available on the Wisconsin Department of Health Service’s website (link) for updates and information.  This site includes an informational video on the program, and summary of key policy decisions.

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